To all my old Cazmo friends!

•April 2, 2011 • 5 Comments

Hey everyone. Its pretty obvious we might not see each other again so I wanted to tell each and every one of my great friends that I’ve met on Cazmo something just for something to remember me by. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being that for me and letting me be your friend 🙂

100% a.k.a. Cent: Thanks for helping me become an ambassador and coming up with the idea of this blog and becoming Planet Cazmo bros! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gone far in Cazmo and I wouldn’t have been known by a lot of people. Thanks bro

Soulja girl: You are the greatest friend anyone can ask for. I miss those late night talks we had and all the great memories we made. You are truly a great friend.

Berrybearxoxo: Where do I begin with you? You were like my big sister, and probably a big sister to everyone else. You were there when I needed someone to listen to my problems, your always there when anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, you were there through it all. Thanks for everything.

sAcReD: Your like another bro to me. You and Berry were there for me from the beginning, and you guys would always be there. I remember when me, jagirl, you, and berry would always stay up late at night on cazmo.

monicaoxox: Monz! Man, were you a great friend. I love how you have all your friend’s back and your really nice when we’re on your good side. I remember when I waited a long time just to add you on my buddy list, lol. I like how your an inspiration to all of the xoxo’s and your a great leader. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

kellieoxox: I still remember you, but you left cazmo pretty early 😦 But when I did know you, you were a really great friend to me.

Heatblast237: You were a really cool person inside and out.

Mute: You were one of my first friends, and you were a great helper and a great friend to me. Thank you

Goopergoop: You were my favorite ambassador and you still are! You were great at being in charge, and I know you will go far in the virtual world life.

Russia: You have the best personality and I love how you ALWAYS had cc.

twinkles: Your very kind and fun to be around. I remember when you were a noob and jagirl told me about you and how you were texting her and saying how you were really nice to her and fun to talk to. I love how you still play pc and keep it in check.

ScientistXoxo & Elementskatexoxo: I love how you guys seem like really close siblings. You guys were awesome, and great friends to me.

PlanetCazmoGirl: PCG, you were an awesome friend and I was really sad when you left cazmo early…

Pauguin: I miss you and all of the T.V.’s you have in your house, lol

RICH DUDE: RD, thanks for being a good friend and I remember how you used to always quit and come back, lol. Man, I miss those days

Millionare: Milli!! You were one of my best friends on the game. I miss talking and hanging out with you.

Beta Omer: Your an awesome blogger and very famous. You were a really good friend to me and you still are 🙂

Paris007: You were also an awesome friend and I remember when you and Omer used to date.

AgentCazmo: Agent, you are one great friend. You were the last friend on pc that I kept in contact with, and I remember every time I would log on to aim you would instantly send me an IM, that shows how great a of a friend you are.

mikeafc: Mike! You were an awesome friend, and I’m glad to have met you.

secretxoxo: Even though I still see you in rl, I miss seeing you on cazmo. I’m glad I introduced you to cazmo and I finally had a family member on cazmo with me 🙂 thanks for the fun memories you made with me on pc cousin 🙂

HelloKittyRox: You were the most awesomest person I’ve met, lol. Your fun and thank you for being my cousin’s friend 🙂

Brooklynne: I will NEVER forget you and how we used to email each other and we would always talk. Oh and I remember when you first introduced me to your cousin, Lil Chicky

Lil Blue: You are an awesome person. I barely got to talk to you though, but your still awesome!! lol

Nuttin117: I miss talking to you. and I remember how we would always talk about random stuff! I miss u nuttin!

Beta v1: I still remember the first time I met you, at Cazmic Diner. Berry introduced me to you, and Im glad to have met you!

Mrs 100 a.k.a. Misty: Misty, we’ve been through a lot. And Im glad you were a part of the 100 bros and that you were a great “sister” to us.

AeJesz a.k.a. Jeszuz: You make the best youtube vids ever 🙂 Your a funny guy and fun to be around.

Black Wolf: You were a great ambassador, and great at taking care of problems and following rules.

Champions: I barely got to talk to you, but when I did you seemed like a really cool person.

Soccer: I barely got to talk to you too, but you also seemed like a cool person and you also had a really great blog.

I will never forget any of you. and I really hope you will never forget me.

Your friend,



100 vs 0’s Birthday Party!

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Hey guys, I know this is completely last minute but today is my birthday and I’m having a party on PC at 4:00. Here are some of the party details:

Server: Beatstreet

Location: Beach

When: Today at 4:00

Here is where at the beach that the party will be at:

Plz come if you can! (Sorry that its so last minute!)

-Ambassador VS

Soulja Boy Concert

•April 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Happy Easter, and New Quest!

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Happy Easter everyone! I know its one day early, but I probably won’t be on tomorrow since its easter. There’s a new easter quest at town square, just talk to the talking egg who lost his friends…

Then he’s going to ask for your help to find his friends, here are some of the places you might want to check:

– Cazmo Mall

– Playground

– Lake

– Skateshop

Be careful, there might be two eggs in one place!

Once you’ve found all of the eggs return to the talking egg in town square and he’ll give you a reward which is coins and a badge:

-Ambassador VS

Happy April Fools Day!

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Today is April Fools Day! Log on and see town square, its snowing and the fountain is upside down!!

-Ambassador VS

To the Lady GaGa fans :D

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NEW Lady Gaga shirts are coming soon!!

-Ambassador VS

PC Family Reunion

•February 14, 2010 • 5 Comments

Hey guys, a lot of people from the old days are gone and this is for them:

I really miss the old days when there were less people and not as much drama as today. Actually the drama made a lot of people from the old days closer because we always forgive and forget but its not the same now. I miss those long nights staying up on PC just to talk to you guys until 3 in the morning. I miss actually being EXCITED to log on PC knowing that you will all be on. I miss how it was easier to get to know EVERYONE back in the days but now its hard because there’s wayyyy more people now. But what I miss the most is the friends I made because they were all there for me through everything. After logging on PC for the last couple of days I came to a conclusion that NOTHING was the same as before, its all changed, the people, the drama, and more. So what I’m pretty much trying to say is I REALLY MISS THE OLD PC.

So, I’ve been talking to some people from the old days and we decided to have a PC re-union! You can RSVP by commenting below leaving your email and your PC name so we can email you when and where the re-union will be. I know most of you from the old days probably won’t read this but if some of you do, please spread the word!!! Thanks!

Here are some of my old friends that I really hope I can see at the re-union!:




-Soulja girl













-Tyler H









-PCG (PlanetCazmoGirl)












-Cazmo Mayor

-Black Wolf

-Beta v1

-Ashton Lee

-Beta Omer

-Baseball Bat





I reallllly hope I see you guys at the re-union!

-Ambassador VS

THE PEOPLE THAT RSVP’d: Nuttin177, RICH DUDE, xoxo (Misty), tape, mikeafc, AgentCazmo, precious, 100%